TARUNYA is the annual collegiate techno cultural festival, organized by Chartered Institute of Technology. It remains one of the most popular college fests conducted annually. This event is a platform that brings students of various branches together and gives them an opportunity to interact with each other and showcase their talent while kindling a spirit of healthy and friendly competition. A wide range of events including cultural competitions are planned and conducted by our college. This festival means fun for everyone with music, food, and entertainment.

This event is celebrated annually having participation from more than 15 teams under various techno cultural events. To make this event a team building platform, events are organized in group and solo participation from team members. At the end of event one team is announced winner every year. Team extrema, technomates, iconics, nut and bolts are to be name a few who are holding legacy and carry on their team every year with freshies.

Tarunya held various events like Solo dance competition, Duo dance competition, Street play competition, Solo song competition, Wall painting competition, Short film making competition, Speech competition, Treasure Hunting, Ad Man show.