Social Media Club

Social Media Club hosts a crew of students at CIT who explore key issues facing our society by conducting educational events to share the awesome social media talents in our community. This club is to transform the lives by connecting, communicating, collaborating and relating to each other. The key focuses are on knowledge sharing through sharing lessons online, expanding digital me literacy, enhancing communication skills and competing industry standards. The purpose of this club is to create, conduct and support on and off campus activities related to the various social, academic, cultural, placement related activities, summer internships and club related events.

To enhance the skills of the students through hands-on experience to provide students with the opportunity to express their ideas and talent through social media. To foster the Institute interaction by posting the content related to guest lectures by corporate delegates, plant visits and industrial visits organized by the institute. To develop relationship with alumni, entrepreneurs, academicians and industry professionals. To digitally market the events and activities by uploading photos, videos and related reminders about the events. To provide an opportunity to interact online to various technologists related to their queries about the institute. To disseminate knowledge, information and making important announcements related to all activities of institute.

Club representatives

Co-ordinator:- Mr.Rahul Sharma
President:- Tina Goswami
Vice president:- Visvaraj Singh Vaghela