Department Of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Department which has fine blend of young and dynamic personalities is involved in providing quality education. It has broad base UG curriculum. The Syllabus of the courses are continuously updated and the laboratories modernized to reflect the rapid changes in technology. The Department has strong industry interaction and has been involved in the development of state-of-art products for industry. It has testing facilities for carrying out industry sponsored research and consultancy projects.” Inspire yourself and influence decision makers. But make use yours immediate soul knows what you want to, so you may not think yourself meekly for learning your skills ”

Aims of the course :

Education is a blend of knowledge, learning, development and lot of other things which are obviously beyond the scope of typical class room studies. Today it has become evident that without practical knowledge, industrial exposure and excellent personality traits it has become close to impossible to crack the right kind of opportunity in spite of hard work ,knowledge and experience. Hence over all development index plays a vital role in academic performance of the candidates. This is the reason why apart from education Gyan Raman Charitable Trust focuses on personality development, technical knowledge, interview skills, events and other aspects related to over all development. Electrical engineering being one of the oldest disciplines in the engineering programs has been on top cards in the academic circuits in the entire sub-continent. With loads of electrical engineering jobs coming up in govt. sector, quasi govt. and private sector in various sub divisions like Electrical Energy, Electrical Power , Electrical Power System and electrical Machines etc.

Mission & Vision:

One of the challenges for the 21st century is to reduce the level of the harmful emissions that are thought to be responsible for climate change. To achieve this, while at the same time maintaining our present standard of living requires more efficient generation, distribution and use of energy. Electrical energy is clean at the point of use, but care still need to be taken in its generation and use, it harmful emissions are to be reduced. The efficiency of many industrial processes can be improved by more then 50% by using modern electrical machine drive systems. These drive systems utilize high efficiency electrical machines, power electronics, digital signal processing, sensor and communication to achieve this improved efficiency. Electric power generation from renewal sources places new demand on the power system that it distributes to customer in areas such as graduates from electrical engineering programme contribute.

  • Machine Lab 1
  • Electrical Machine Lab
  • Basic Electrical and Electronics Workshop Lab
  • Power Electronics and Advance PE Lab
  • Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation Lab
  • Control System Lab
  • Electrical Drivers Lab
  • Power System and High Voltage Lab