Computer Lab

The Computer Laboratory is a basic component of the Institute’s infrastructure, providing a wide range of support to the students and faculties involved in research and other academic activities. The Laboratories provides the hands-on need of today’s industry requirements and what they learn in the classrooms. New and updated softwares as well as equipments are regularly incorporated in laboratories to give students an added advantage. The wide range of softwares to learn programming languages such as C, C++, JAVA, Pyhton, MySql etc. is installed on computers. All the laboratories are internally networked allowing students to learn the harnessing capabilities of a network and also to remotely access resources at any point of time. Labs are fully equipped with systems and latest software with an environment to implement and experiment knowledge acquired in the classroom. All the systems have internet facility.Computer labs are equipped with the most advanced systems for both: Windows and Linux servers. Students can get hands-on experience on the latest software packages and browse selected internet sites at the same time. College has 4 fully equipped computer labs with separate server room.

We are providing diverse lab facilities for Computer Science and Engineering Department which are Computer Programming Lab - Dev C/C++, Programming For Problem Solving Lab, System Administration Lab- Linux Operating System, Internet Lab- Text Editor, Internet Browsers, Computer Graphic Lab, Language Processor Lab, Data Base Application Lab- My Sql, Big Analytics Lab - Linux Operating System, etc.