Department of Civil Engineering

Being one of the engineering subjects, Civil Engineering forms the very basis for planning, design and execution of structuring works. It expands across several engineering fields and focuses on infrastructure which includes Water works, Sewers, Dams, Power Plants, Transmission Towers/Lines, Railroads, Highways, Bridges, and Tunnels etc. As a civil engineer, you are responsible for planning and design of various projects, including construction and maintenance of the product. The planning includes site investigation, adaptability, feasibility and solution oriented approach to complications that may occur during the designing of structure.

If you ask most of the people what engineering is a lot will say it is the name of a degree, an educational program but we believe that engineering is a thought process. Having one of the best civil engineering colleges around the town, we have been a dependable source of excellent man power for a lot of Civil Engineering companies through our innovative recruitment campaign called the Campus Connect. Having certified numerous civil engineers we have realized what is civil engineering. It is beyond studying civil engineering subjects and passing the exams. It is beyond doing those compliance Civil Engineering Project. When a youngster chooses a civil engineering career it is clear that the way ahead for the student is not as easy as other options but if hard work with correct knowledge and expertise is blended then the student can achieve laurels in this domain. Come experience the awesomeness of real learning that is confronted with practical knowledge, hands on experience and technology which combines together to give you the environment that is conducive to innovation and excellence.

Civil engineering is one of the major disciplines in the present scenario. It offers numerous career opportunities and areas to discover with special chances with the government departments. Prestigious projects such as express highways, Railway projects and large dams including bridges and Transportation/Traffic in India and abroad are the key opportunities for anyone planning a career in this field. Civil engineering offers several majors in designing, supervision and construction activities in various projects.

  • Survey Lab
  • Geotechnology Lab 1
  • Geotechnology Lab 2
  • Transportation Lab
  • Environmental Engineering lab
  • Material Testing Lab