Hostel & Mess

In order to provide accommodation to students coming from far off places the college boarding house is located in CIT campus around 100 metre away from the mess. The boarding house is also surrounded by lush green lawns. Indoor and outdoor sports nourish the over – all personality of the boarders. A well equipped gymnasium allows the hostellers to take the almost care of their physique and stay fit. After all a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

Boarders are allowed for outings with due entries to their warden. It is always noted that the student returns before deadline. Water heater is also equipped in every bathroom for boarders.

The boarding house is fully WI-FI zoned. 24*7 WI-FI is made available for boarders for internet surfing, delivering assignments on time, being socially present, completing projects and staying connected to the world of utilizable information. The College has Hostel facility separately for boys and girls.